Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday SART

Ran into Louie right as soon as we got on the path. He was on his touring bike carry a set of luggage I think ha ha! Hadn't seen him in a while but he told us he bought a house in the Philippines and spent plenty of time over there. I guess that would explain it! Just before we arrived at our turn around point, some dude shouted out to us. I had seen him before and he didn't look like someone I had ever met before. This time he turned around and rode back to introduce himself. Ah OK, we had had a few conversations on You Tube. He watches my videos so he can't be all that bad ha ha! Turns out he was a pretty cool and polite dude. We chatted for a bit, snapped a pic hen he was off. Dude had some rocks for calves! Said he used to race and they way he boogied on down the road, I can see it! Within seconds he vanished from the first stretch of 1/2 mile. That's within 5 or 6 seconds ha ha!

At the coast Bad Bob made a little visit.  I could have sworn I had seen that guy in stretchy type denim pants riding a fixie but he says no way Jose! I thought I had seen Greg too but Bad Bob says NO! I was kidding when I said I might photo chop him in stretchy denim as a joke. That is when the death threats started so I guess I better not ha ha! :-P

Either way, it was hot day. Cool riding but as soon as you stop, the dripping starts. Heck, I think I left a pool of sweat by the truck racking the bikes after the ride. Garmin says it was an average of 93 and a high of 105. Garmin might exaggerate a bit but it was pretty dern hot!

                                                                 Louie. minus 30 lbs!

Louie on his touring bike.


           Bad Bob. I could have sworn this dude was wearing stretchy denim when he arrived. :-P

                                                                   Ah, young love!

                                                                   Duck calls ?

                                                         Closed for the season! :-P

                               Why ruin a perfectly good back with a tat? Still blog worthy! :-P

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