Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Ride 2016

Few pics for now, a video later.

Off to a good start with 44 miles (!6.6 average). A bit windy but a nice ride.  Started with Gina, Aimee, Mark and Gail. Held a pretty consistent pace on the ride. I did put the recorder on Gina's handlebars during the return segment. She got a little pooped ha ha! She had been riding off to the side in order to get a good shot of us on video. She said she would drop back in order to get a group shot but that was not my intentions. I wanted her to stay on my wheel but before I knew what she was doing, she was at the back. I know from my experience it takes a bit of extra energy to do so but she did it. There were a couple of guys that hopped on the line and broke things up. They would pull up on the side, shoot out ahead, fall back, really mixing things up for me.I'd see shadows from the corner of my eye figuring we were all together then I noticed it was these other guys cutting in and out of line. Next ting I know, Gina and a couple others are way back. What the heck! Nothing but confusion so I lost track of Gina. After the ride she told me that after she had a few shots she tried to go around the others to get back on my wheel but said it wasn't happening. Now she knows how much energy it takes to get the video footage.

It really is confusing when other people hop on and interfere with the system. At one point I was shouting back asking if Gina was OK. Then the guy right in front of me who had been yo yo'ing back in forth started answering me. I felt like telling him, " Dude, you're not my wife, wtf are you anyway and why are you messing with our system?". I hate when guys do this, all they did was mess up our ride and cause confusion splitting our group of friends out for a ride. :-(

But anyway, Gail did a pretty consistent pull on the way to the beach. Aimee did very well for not having been on the bike for over a month. Gina did suffer some today but she did manage a 16.6 average on a bad day which is nice considering last year a bad day for her was 15.1 without the wind.

                                               Did see Marcelo for a couple of minutes. :-)

Did see Marcelo for a couple of minutes. :-)

Brian stopped by for a visit and electric bike talk.

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