Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Yeah Buddy! A1C Down Another Point!

I will admit I was a little nervous knowing Thanksgiving and Christmas were big blow it periods for me. Though I ate well most of the time these two holidays had me worried.
I went in to the medical office yesterday to pick up some test strips and lancets. Then the lady told me I was due for a vaccination, okay do it. Then she told me I was due for an A1C blood test too! :-O
Dang it, I came home looking like a Mexican pin cushion. :-P

Got my results today and the A1C dropped another point. Remember, this is no medication at all, just better eating.

And it can only get better from here as my goal this coming month or two is to drop another 10 pounds while trying to improve my diet even more and hopefully some good riding. I want to drop another 10 pounds to keep my ride partners in check! ;-)

I didn't expect it but this is what my arm looked like when I got home yesterday! :-(

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