Sunday, January 3, 2016

Second ride of the Year!

 44 miles at 16.4 average with Gina, Aimee, and Mike. So I got lazy on Saturday after Friday's ride so we hit the road on Sunday. I tried to hold the pace down some hoping to rid off the holiday blues. I had not put on one pound the day of Christmas Eve. So that was a big plus! I knew Christmas and New Years would be showered with food so keeping control was important so that it would allow me to splurge a little during the week. I gained about 3 pounds but sure it will come off in a day or two. Seems everybody was battling the blues today so I just stayed up front the entire ride pulling the troops. The girls were happy that it was a nice steady pace, no speed outbursts or sprinting, just a nice smooth pace. Gina did struggle up one little steep ramp around the golf course. The dirty one where homeless throw constantly throw crap on the road. I'm sure to hinder the cyclists. Well there was some crap down there and it threw off her momentum so being tired she struggled to get back up to speed. I figured this would happen so I fell back and gave her the friendly pat on the back,"you're doing great Honey!". This is pretty much my version of the sticky bottle trick used in bike races ha ha! She giggled cause she felt me pushing her knowing what I was doing, I've done it before! Well it was just a nice ride, a bit cold and dark with the threat of rain tonight. But luckily no moisture, just cold legs. We had a brief chat and photo session with Bong at the rest stop too. :-P

OK so after the ride I was tempted by Gina (I call her Eve now) with the chicken and ribs. Better make that at least 2 days to get my weight back to normal ha ha!

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