Monday, February 15, 2016

A Few Random SART Clips

Again, I started posting a Mr. Beanz bike journal here. Signup if you would like to leave rude comments like most forum members do ha ha! Kidding but many viewers don't have profiles to post on my blog so if you would like to leave or post pics and material that would fit in with my stuff, feel free!  It's a more easy going place than most other forums and not heavily moderated by those self appointed holy mods that think they are gods ha ha!

A few clips of the guys we know on the trail. Some might look a little slow but remember they are riding into a pretty stiff headwind. It's been pretty windy around here lately! Jose R. of River Velo and his buddy. Then Frank (NotSoFast on the net). Bong and Greg with Jose R. and a few more River Velo guys.

Plus a short video with Dan The Man and Frank at the beach stop.

A little bit o Magic Man from Heart.

Dan The Man

Jose R and his buddy up front.

Bong pulling a group

Jose R again, different day.

Greg (in green) at the back of this group. I think he's gone RiverVelo now! :-P

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