Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Potato Mountain Mountain Bike Ride

I started at Indian Hill and Thompson Creek Trail. So I had a warm up but once you hit the trail you climb 2012 ft to Potato Mtn. I was worried about being cold so I wore 2 under layers. But once I arrived at the parking lot it felt warm enough to ditch one. Of course once you start climbing to Potato Mtn, you warm up real quick ha ha! The dirt starts at 5 and 6 % then quickly you find yourself on 10 and 12% grades. Later only to find 16 and 18% grades! :-O I tried to make it up all the way to the top non stop but once I climbed above the red clay section right at the base (where the bees were) I had to stop. I think it was more of a mental thing! You know when you finish a steep section then it curves and you see nothing but steeper ha ha! I haven't been up there in years so I figured it might happen this way so I am actually pretty happy making it to the point I did without stopping. I've seen plenty of riders walking a mile before that section so I'm good! Once I was above that point I was actually feeling more relaxed thinking I could make it all the way from there. WRONG! I hit a section with 18% and did pretty well.  The section that got me was right before the top. Loose rock and steep. I hit the rocks and had to put my foot down. Foot down or fall, I prefer the foot down ha ha! I waited about 30 seconds then tried to remount and no way! I had to walk about 10 yards beyond the rock cause there was no way! But it's all good. Maybe next time I can clean that section!

I did run into a pretty cool dude Patrick. Hiking up with them big stick things. I ran into him about a mile before the top so I was pretty happy. I always get this eerie feeling a lion is going to jump on my back or something. So it was nice to have someone near just in case I had to scream like a little baby he he he!

Total ride was 12 miles with 2.684 ft of gain. But from the park to the top is 4.5 with 2,012. Quite a climb!

Up there on the concrete tank was this potato dude ha ha! Then I knew I was on Potato Mtn.


  1. Awesome video. Great variety of camera shots. Your description of the ride made it like I know exactly how you are feeling, especially with the part about the eerie feeling a lion is going to jump on your back or something (the Heebie Jeebies). And you had to stop because riding is part a mental thing too! Thanks, I think I enjoyed this ride as much as you did.

    1. Thanks Jimbo! It is a different feeling once you hit the cut off to the upper trail. All of a sudden you are out there alone. I sure wash happy to run into that hiker along the way ha ha!