Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chuck & Steve AND Getting "Chicked"!

Met a couple of dudes about a month ago. Chuck and Steve. We talked a bit about bikes, cool guys! Ran into them again today so we talked  more bike talk. I had to get them on video ha ha! I told them about the blog and my postings etc that have brought cyclists together as friends. Just then another rider pulled up and started talking to them saying he's seen them out there before. See it works, Mr. Beanz adds to the community! :-P

Well as we were talking a gal walked out in a bikini. I had to post this to show the other states what Winter is like in Southern California. So for the record, to their wives, Check and Stave had nothing to do with the video he he he!

So it was another 44 miles for Gina and I along with Aimee. Mike had started with us but after being sick earlier this week he decided to cut the ride short after some coughing on the ride. He played his beotch card today ha ha! See, Gina can be mean at times. Mike was joking about something while we were at Edna Park. He decided there to turn around. But joking about something else he says, I should be ashamed of myself!". Then Gina says, why cause you're turning back?". Daaaaang ha ha! She might as well have said, because you're turning back,....bitch!". Ha ha ha! She said she didn't mean it that way but uhhhhh OK ha ha! Poor Mike!

Being a windy day we were doing pretty good heading to the coast. Earlier in Yorba we were pushing pretty good and only holding 14 MPH.  Heading back to the coast was actually pretty good. Usual stop at Edna Park, that is where Mike turned around. SO this is where Gina, Aimee and I continued on.

So now the "chicked" part. This is the honest truth so what the heck is it about SEVEN bikes today? You know the ti bikes. Earlier when we left Yorba Park, some dude on a SEVEN sat behind us for a while. Then he rolled around. OK no problem as we are holding pace. But once he started to fade we gained ground. Every time we would catch up he would jump on his pedals and pull away. OK! We're not racing, just holding pace but he seemed to think we were racing ha ha! Finally we hit Edna for a break, that is where he must have been real happy to go ahead without getting "chicked".

So as the 3 of us headed out from Edna, some dude rolls up behind us. He sucks wheel for a bit, maybe a mile then goes around. OK cool, we're still doing our thing. But later he starts to fade which surprised me cause he had some "SPEEDY" logo on the back of his jersey. Again just like the other guy he would fade then we would roll up on him. Each time he would step on the pedals and lift the pace to pull away. OK whatever dude, we know you are "SPEEDY"! ha ha ha!

But then it got me chuckling because every minute or so he wold look back at us to see if we were catching up. He seemed really stressed about getting passed. I' thinking because his SPEEDY jersey would not look good getting passed by two women ha ha!

So after 4 or 5 times of rolling up on him and not letting us pass he finally gave in. We are still not racing. Heck I'm having a conversation with Gina ha ha! But we pass and he takes a wheel. He sucks wheel for maybe 4 or 5 miles. he sat back there so I whip out my Go Pro and record him sucking wheel. I know the game, this guy will suck wheel then sprint around when he feels confident. Usually close to the end of the trail where one can time trial and look good being the first one there without having to worry too long about fading ha ha! So I record him knowing and this way I have footage of the whole thing. Some people say I make things up but here is the proof he he he!

So after he sucks wheel for 4 or 5 miles sure enough he sprints around on the last half of the last strip to the coast. Gina says, "you can go catch him if you like!". I said no, we can all pass him! It's much better that way. I know I can catch him and if I do he will think well he's a guy. My thoughts are that this dude didn't want to get chicked so guess what! We're all going to chick him ha ha ha ha!

So I let the dude get pretty far ahead as you can see in the video. He starts to fade so I tell Gina, OK NOW!" We kicked up the pace and caught him rather quickly. Strava says that segment was at 22.9 MPH for that half mile. OK, now you have been "chicked" ha ha! When I got home I looked at the video footage and low and behold, the dude like the first guy was riding a SEVEN ha ha! I dunno,maybe it had some pride thing to do with the price of the bike, having "Speedy" on his bike and the stress of getting "Chicked". :-P

Winter in SoCal! :-P

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