Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sunday Single Bikes

Another 41 miles today at 15.4 average. Not bad considering it felt pretty windy today. The last 2 miles to the coast I was pushing pretty good at the front holding 13.5 and 15 from bridge to bridge heading south. Pretty stiff headwind. I was worried about Gina but she actually did pretty good today! I think she complains less when other people are around. Not to mention she calls me fewer not so nice names when we have company ha ha!

Aimee and Jose rode with us. Did see Mark heading the opposite way as well as Ron & Dixie a couple of times. I thought they would catch us heading to the coast having to ride against a big head wind. Seems they finished the ride shortly after we got back. so they weren't far behind.

We hit a big headwind heading to Imperial today. So once we turned around and headed to the coast, you can see Aimee smiling ha ha! I don't think any of them were smiling much heading into the wind. :-P

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