Saturday, January 21, 2017

Wind, Water, and Blood

OK really, no blood! Just thought I would throw that into the title to make it sound dangerous. :-P

52.5 miles to Gypsum Cyn at 16.5 average.

So anyway, Gina didn't ride today so I saw the chance to get in a longer ride seeing it's supposed to rain hard on Sunday. I thought about 60 to Green River but once I saw the underpass at Orangewood, I figured the GR area may be underwater. I know the golf course at Edna park was flooded.

After the ride I was kind of glad I didn't choose GR cause it was pretty windy today. Not your 40 MPH winds, but a stiff headwind all the way from Gypsum Cyn to the coast. Heading back from Gypsum Cyn, I was pushing pretty good and struggling to hold 16. Alllllll they way to the coast ha ha! Oh well, it was a good workout!

Nope, didn't try to cross this floodness! :-P

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