Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Around Bonelli Park 01/11/11

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Well I figured I need to get my legs rolling again. Too many holidays and GMR wasn't sounding like much fun this cold morning. So I hit up Bonelli Park for some good riding but without the big climbs of GMR. The Bonelli area just seems to have it all, restrooms, water, parks and nice riding. I did climb a little higher than Via Verde to the loop that overlooks CalPoly and the freeways for a peek. Everytime I drive the freeeway, I look up and say, "I have to ride on that road" just because I can see it from the freeway. I did forget about that little muthah of a climb out though haha!

When I first started riding in the hills, I started around Bonelli. I look back and laugh about the litlte bump coming out of the park area just east of the boatlaunch on Puddingstone Dr. Back then I thougth it was a huge hill! I felt pretty good today aso hopefully the legs are getting the message.

Overlooking Cal Poly Pomona and the 10/57 fwys

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