Thursday, January 6, 2011

GMR 2 Da Shack 01/06/11

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Thurs 01/06......GMR to the shack with Eyemage. While waiting at the start for Eyemage to arrive, some dude rides up and says, "You're on the internet aren't you?". Yup, we chat for a bit and it turns out to be Semaj which is James backwards. Cool, dude has done the 3t ride with FryDaddy and friends and getting ready for the races in March. Turns out to be a real nice friendly guy. Nothing better than a super duper fast guy that's friendly and pleasant. I like these guys, fast but nice and when they drop you, they make you feel good about your takin' your ass whippin. Nice meeting you dude, very nice guy!

So Eyemage shows up and we get it on. Well we did the ride haha. "Feels" like months since I've been on the bike and the tamales are talking to me. Eyemage went easy on me today, I'm sure he could have easily dropped me like a hot potato but he held back being the nice guy that he is (yeah sure!). Well anyway, only one way to get back at it and that's to jump right in! I jumped back on GMR but I think it got the best of me today haha!

Music used in the video is because Eyemage woud not quit singing this song. I think it was some sort of subliminal song request.


  1. Yeah, he told me his posted time on the fun TT (3T) every Tues morning, YOWZAH!! That's great but what makes it even better is that the dude is supercool and very friendly. We need more cyclists like this guy!