Thursday, January 20, 2011

GMR 01/20/11..Much Better

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First of all, I did see the Memorial placed in rembemberance of the fallen cyclist Kevin Unck. I had passed it two days ago but didn't notice it as there were two guys standing by it redirecting my attention. About 3 miles up from the gate, so sad and yes, a tricky usually dirty turn. My deepest to the family. GMR Blog has much more info on the incident and info on the ride in his honor which will be held on Saturday.....

As far as myself, much better. Maybe the holidays are finally leaving the old body. 3minutes off my time on the climb from the last 2 times. Another6 or so and I'll be back to where I was before the holidays. Amazing how fast things can change.

I did see "Semaj" as he was flying up the hill. No way was I turning back trying to catch that guy, he's a rocket! Didn't recognize him till it was too late, he's so fast. I saw and recorded some other dude from Sho-Air flying up the mountain with a support vehicle. Looked like a TDF rider but I'm not sure haha! Funny thing, I was doing about 35 when I saw a quarter stuck in a crack in the road. Got an eye exam next week, watch me fail haha!

Kevin Unck Memorial

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