Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day Creek to Devore

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Wow, pretty windy today. You'll get the message with the video haha!. I saw only two other riders out there and one shouted.......get ready......"Windy!". Much windier than last time I was out there. What's more fun that going uphill with a big headwind? The tailwind on the way back had me at 34 mph without pedaling. Oh well, it's a nice ride and a nice day.

Couple of stills from the video


  1. Beanz,

    I am amazed at how little traffic was shown during your video. Hope the entire ride was like that.


  2. Yes it is from DayCreek to Devore and beyond, even up Old Cajon to Cleghorn on the pass. I started at DayCreek for that reason otherwise 10 miles of heavy traffic on the bike to get there. I've done it many times but this day I was limited in time, ha!