Sunday, April 3, 2011

SART 04/03/11 Sikad NG Bayan Family Ride Ad.

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Another 42 miles on the trail with Gina. Much better day! Lots of strong headwinds but we both seem to have felt much better today. Met some dude at the coast named Kenny. Dude loved to talk bike rides so he was in the right place. Lots of chatting! A little camera shy but what the hey...I took his pic anyways haha! Then along came Ed with another jersey, dude has got a million of them! So I took his Tony the Tiger pic too!

A bit later Louie rode up and handed us a flyer promoting the Sikad Ng Bayan Family Ride. No way can I pronounce it but hey, I saw them out there last year. I know lots of the RiverVelo guys are involved and I've seen Louie out there for a few years so hey, let me at it. I asked him to say a few words on video for a plug. Can't hurt. This year include are 22,44, and 62(metric) courses. The new course for the metric will go through Santiago Canyon. The 44 is all on SART. The ride benefits children and schools in the Philippines. I don't know how they do it but for $60 the ride includes a JERSEY! Along with SAG stops and a big feast at the end of the ride in Yorba Park. $60 and a JERSEY, I can't get over that! Not only that, but Louie promised me a taco and a big burrito if I attend the ride haha!

Well I made a little video for Louie so he gave me a bag of M&M's. Will work for candy haha! The wind was a little strong so hard to hear in a couple places but hey, my studio is outdoors!

First video is Louie alone. Second video is Kenny and Ed then Louie again. I figure Louie can post his elsewhere if he likes.

Kenny, Ed, Louie and the flyer

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