Monday, April 18, 2011

SART Sunday 04/17/11

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Another 42 mile ride on the trail. Pretty breezy ride with a big headwind near the coast. That is always fun! Aimee had asked to join us on the ride so I said, "uh- huh, everybody wants to ride with Beanz". She said no that she was riding alone today and she needed someone to fix a flat if it were to happen, Uh OK hahahaha! That was cool though, Aimee is a very strong rider but took it easy on us Sunday as she ran 10 miles on Saturday. She also does a few of the marathons here and abroad.

Heading to the coast we stopped at Edna Park for a refill and surprisingly ran into Charlie once again. This time he had his wife Heidi so we chatted for bit. Cool people and Gina thought Heidi was a very nice person. I had to get pic and a vid scene. Also on the way to the coast we caught a quick glimpse of The Legend Greg and Bad Bob of the Haircut Crew. Then at the coast we ran into George and Tony once again. Cool, we broke back together. Then they headed back to the coast.

Another cool ride on a very pretty day. A little windy but hey, we survived!

EDIT: Oh that sucks man! I'm typing my story on my blog trying to recall everyone and everything. I had it in my head, even the situation but I go back to fix mistakes (my typing sucks) then I forget my place and leave stuff out.

I meant to post: As we were leaving the coast we ran into Genaro. He gave us a nice loud greeting so the group pulled over as I had said I wanted to catch him on cam the next time we ran across one another. We all pulled over looked back but he kept on rolling.

This is his very own, "Oh Man I'm sorry Genaro" section ha ha!

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