Saturday, April 30, 2011

SART Saturday 04/30/11 WINDY Ride

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Wow, where do we start? Mmkay, it was WINDY! Gina and I figured we'd do the usual but if it got too windy or her , we'd cut it a bit short. But as we got near Imperial, it was blowin'. But Gina felt good so it was no problem. All the times we'd done the wind, it's payed off. Seems like no CA wind is too big or too tough for Gina. We practically rolled to the coast without pedaling.

We get to the coast and run into MTBLrkr and his buddy Dennis. I'm trying to catch the Lrkr on cam, next thing I know he snatches the recorder from my hand. So he performs the "silent interview". I didn't know there was such a thing, but I do now ha ha! We chat for a bit then they head off. We got caught by other riders so we decide to stay at the coast and shoot the breeze. Few regulars drop by including the always pleasant Julie, Jack, and George. Alex2 rolls in then Mark and his honey Gail.

While we were at the coast I noticed a couple of guys doing some major work on one of their bikes. Nice bikes and experienced looking riders so I figure they know what they're doing. A bit later one of the guys asks,"do any of you know how to adjust the derailleur?". If I can help ya, I will I told the dude. He explains the situation and steps back. Wow, he turned limit screws every which way but loose ha ha! It was like starting at step one but it's always cool when you get to help another person with a pretty major problem, which it was at this point for someone who doesn't know the process. So I go through the steps, set it up and explain how the thing works. Cool, in about 5 minutes the dude has a ton more knowledge and his machine is running fine. His buddy looked at me and said, "this is the best this thing has ever run!". So they were pretty happy that I saved them a trip to the shop in about 5 easy minutes. It's always nice to help a rider in distress.

So we hang out for bit then head into another stiff headwind for the return. This is always fun! We hung with Alex for a bit, then Jack, then headed off alone when Jack turned off to Costco for a hot dog. The rest was just another windy ride.


  1. Wow! Way to go, taking your bikes out - to you, Gina, and all the folk. I wasn't going to brave it on the bike so I just jogged a bit of the trail (one of the benefits of living close to it).

  2. Thanks Ken! One benefit is that there is far less traffic on the trail haha! Nothing like getting up the next day and doing again! ;)