Thursday, June 9, 2011

GMR 06/09/11...Jeff's First Time Up

Found out my neighbor likes cycling. Not as involved as most of us yet. More into riding to the gym type of rider. Big dude, about 6'3 and 250 (?). He had asked about our cycling after seeing us unloading the bikes. So he asked to go sometime towards Baldy. Not so sure he realized what he had gotten himself into and I tried to explain. So we make a date for a ride and off we go!

The plan was 8 miles to the shack on GMR (2200 ft gain). After the first mile he looked as if he was about to call it a day. I used some of the Mr. Beanz sugar coating of the ride. Relax, the first 2 is the toughest. He fell for it! Just kidding. IMO, it is the toughest. I tried to calm him down and slow down his pace and effort. Relax dude, we aren't racing! Our goal is to make the climb but if you can't, I have no problem heading down. But when we get back down, you'll immediately get the "I could have done more" feelings. That one gets 'em every time.

Well he was able to think it over and relax. I'm really expecting him to call it quits after 2 miles but he preses on. The more he rides, the more relaxed he looks. at 4 miles, I'm thinking there's a chance he's going all the way. Well, the talking to himself sort of suggested he was determined. "You can do this! You can do this!" he repeats to himself. Well at 6 miles, he's not looking real good but he continues to press on. 7 miles, he's not smiling anymore.

But the last stretch to the shack, he's raising his arm in victory. Just as I'm prepared to stop, he say she's going a little more! We roll up to the rock wall above the shack and the dude is all smiles. He did it! Holy smokes, on an MTB with knobbies! Cool Beanz! It's always nice to be part of encouraging a rider or new rider to do a little more than he thought possible. Not only did he conquer GMR, but he's got plans to return! HIllbasher showed up a bit late after a night of work, but he too was up on the mountain after a long 62 miler up to Cajon Pass on Wednesday.

When we first made the date to ride up GMR, he said to me,"I may not be at your level of riding, but I ain't no SISSY!" I guess he ain't ha ha!

Somebody mentioned the hum of knobbies. So I posted this vid of the hum on the descent. Clip was too short to include in the orginal video.

My knobbies


  1. Welcome to GMR Jeff! Mr Beanz great commentary, I love your part about, ""I could have done more" feelings." This is so true and sometimes you need someone to coax you further. GMR is nice because when you have reached that end, you can turn around go downhill.

  2. SO true BF! We've all had them on GMR and some of the most valuable words us vets can offer to add to the GMR experience. They can only help a newb enjoy the ride that much more! ;-)