Saturday, June 25, 2011

SART 06/25/11

Well today was a surprise. We had been talking about increasing mileage and it happened today. We had plans to ride the usual 42 with ABEC but we ran into Tammy and Alan at the start. Tammy was looking for longer mileage while preparing for an event that required more saddle time. We joined them in the ride and turned our 42 into 60. We weren't planning on it but we hit up the end of the trail to GreenRiver.

Felt pretty good too! Nice day, not too hot on the trail and we got a few good looks at some hot Ford trucks at Featherly Park. Lots of 56 Fords, nice! at the coast we ran into Alex2 on another century. Dude rides once a week and every ride is a century. I believe he said he has 18 this year, wow! Well the 60 was a surprise today and my legs feel stiff but it's all good!

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