Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Claremont Hills Wilderness Trail 9/28/11

Decide to throw in a little mountain bike today. One loop maybe two depending on the heat. first loop was clockwise and hot. Lots of friendly people on the trail today. Finished the first loop then turned around to do it counterclockwise. Near the top I ran into a couple of fellows I saw on the way down, Carlos and Rob. Rob is new to CHWP and doing pretty well figuring it's a tough climb. It was hot and the direct sunlight made it feel that much hotter. I was sweating like a dog on the steep sections.

When I saw them they were under the shade taking a break. Perfect opportunity for a break myself so I stopped to chat. I probably would have gotten to the top of the climb then turn back but since they were doing the entire loop, figured I'd ride with them for a little footage.

chatting in the shade I prepared to snap a pic of the two just when a couple of gals walked by. Had my recorder on but aimed up high. As I prepared to take a pic, I heard a commotion. Not sure exactly what happened but it sounded exciting. Maybe the gals posed by the guys for a split second but I missed it.

At the end of the loop, we did run into the gals in the parking lot. I asked them if they were wanted by the FBI so that I'd know not to pass on any pic posting but according to them, they are the FBI ha ha!

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