Monday, September 5, 2011

SART Sunday 09/04/11

So it's our anniversary! Should we ride, yes, no, maybe? We end up watching the Vuelta at 7 am and after it's over, yeah, we gotta ride! Another late start, 11 am but who's counting? We run into ABEC on the trail so he turns around to do our ride with us. Something is different and he's smiling plenty today. Oh I see, he has a new bike. New to him that is, sweet deal. Full carbon Felt. Some info in the video about the bike. As we near the coast,"I tell him go for it!" and yeah, that bike moves!

Earlier in the ride we are approaching Tustin Ave when we hear, "is that the Beanzes I see up there?". Hey, it's my good buddy Mark from Competitive Edge in Rancho. His group is rolling so I tell Gina I'll be back in a bit, I need some Mark footage. Mark is a cool dude, a real mechanic. I met him back in 97(?) and since have followed him as a customer. I rarely visit the shops anymore since I do my own work but if I need something, I go to Mark. I might not like the shop personally but if Mark works there, I'm going in ha ha! I tell ya, I had several wheels built by several builders and shops over the years but Mark is the only guy that built a wheel that lasted over 2,000 miles on my bikes. I'm talking high end race shops with well recommended builders, Mark is the best! Plus, when I started building my own, Mark hooked me up with the technical advice, he's a great guy!

When we hit the coast, we run into Tammy and Alan who join us for the ride back. I'm not sure what it is about Alan but he has this thing about flashing a belly or a nipple at the camera. He won't be satisfied till his nipple makes youtube so this time, I didn't edit it out ha ha! Other silly stuff, Gina flatted so I did my Al Pacino/Tony Montana impersonation, it sucks but hey, you never know when one will get discovered on you tube haha!

At the end of the ride, we ran into a small group of fixie riders. I stopped to checkout their bikes. Cool bike but they didn't have much to say. But they did ask to borrow my pump ha ha!


  1. Happy anniversary dad!!!!!!! Love you both!

  2. Thanks! Love you too! I thought you were buying us new bikes for our anniversary ha ha! It's OK, maybe for my 75th birthday!;)

  3. The most romantic gift I can think of is a fixed flat tire. Gina looked like she enjoyed every moment on her present. Happy days with smooth rides to both of you!

  4. Thanks, GMR! Yup, nothing more romantic, I know I enjoyed the dirty greasy hands. ;-)