Sunday, September 18, 2011

SART 9/18/11

Ride cut short today, darn broken frame. Started out a nice ride with Gina and Aimee. Heading back to the coast we ran into Mark and Cindy at Edna Park. Cool, nice little train to the coast. Except that a mile or two down the road my frame popped at the chainstay.

So we stop and say good bye as Gina and I head back. Before we do, Eric Anderson rolls up on an upright. What the heck ha ha! I saw him earlier, looks like EircAnderson, sounds like an EricAnderson but is it EricAnderson? Yes it was! We chat for a bit when I see Genaro go flying by a second time. Caught me by surprise so I didn't get an footage of the speedster.

Heading back I figure I can roll slowly back on the bike. Every little pedal stroke separated the frame. So I scooted back like a skateboard and walked up every short incline. At Enda Park, only two miles away, I was worried about the frame collapsing and breaking my face. So Gina suggested that I call El Monarcha who once said, "if you are ever around here and need anything, I live a couple blocks off the trail, give me a call". Gina could have rode back for my truck but I was worried she'd get lost even after offers from Eric and his GPS service. Believe me, Gina will get lost ha ha! So she rode back on the trail while El Monarcha gave me ride to my truck. Yeah, Gina would have gotten lost!

------on the broken frame

I don't think this would have happened if he hadn't talked me into climbing last night and the ski lifts a few weeks back!

Another toasted frame. Did some climbing last night, today, on the uphill of an underpass into the wind, POP! I thought I broke a spoke. Gina heard the pop from behind so we both thought I broke a spoke. Checked , looked fine. Checked BB area of frame, fine. Get back on and the wheel is going side to side. Remove wheel, check for broken axle, nope. Further inspection of the frame reveals a broken chainstay.

Well, goes to show that my wheel building skills are pretty good seeing that my frames pop before way before my spokes ha ha!

First popped frame happened after 3 years and 13,000 miles. This second frame, 3 years and 14,600. I set a personal best on this one.

First frame was aluminum, second a mix of carbon and aluminum. Broken stay on this frame is again on the aluminum section.

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