Sunday, September 11, 2011

SART Sunday 09/11/11

Another nice ride 50 miler on the trail. Started with El Monarch to the coast. There we ran into Mark and Gale and a few other riders. Soon after Jeff and Angie on a 62 miler pull up on their tandem. A short visit with Lucas (Jed19) then we all head back together trying to keep up with Jeff and Angie on their tandem.

Gina surprised me holding the tandem wheel at 24 mph. I was sweating trying to keep pace with them. Once Jeff and Angie maxed out at 37 mph, there was no holding their wheel. But they were nice enough to slow up down the road for a regroup. The rider that really shocked the heck out of me was Gale. She's been out of town and not many miles on her bike lately. But on the way back, she kept her distance and backed off the wheel. I'm thinking maybe out of safety and not being familiar with riding in a line at those speeds. Hanging only a couple of seconds back, I was shocked that she is that strong with not so many recent miles in her legs and only on the bike for a year. I dunno Mark, you better watch out once she gets a few miles in them legs ha ha!

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