Friday, September 30, 2011

Potato Mountain MTB 9/30/11

Eyemage, Minor and I all did well on the climb but it was the descent that made it tough today. Somewhere along the tops steep section Eyemage lost his Garmin. Near the bottom Eyemage headed back up asking if I had seen his Garmin. About 5 seconds later I feel my bike fishtail. I thought it was just part of mountain biking but a second time tells me something is wrong. Sure enough, a flat tire.

Eyemage is in a hurry to work so Minor volunteers to climb back up as the Garmin search party. Lucky for Eyemage, Minor finds it but I'm still left to fix a flat. I get the tube swapped then try to inflate the tire but it ain't happening. So I try to locate the hole on the punctured tube and that ain't happening either. Couldn't get enough air in the tube to find the hole. Darn! Instead of fighting wit the tire, I just started walking figuring I'd rather get down than fight and end up walking anyway. My second flat while riding off road since 2006 and this one was a doozy! Did give me a chance to check out some deer on the way down.

I ended up walking down 1600 feet, 6.3 miles in 2:10 as if the climb to Potato Mountain wasn't enough ha ha!

Eyemage did contribute some footage for the video. Minor just posed!

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