Thursday, April 19, 2012

2 MTB Loops at Claremont

Today I did 2 loops just trying to get back into shape. No racing, no trying to keep up with the racers, just "making it". Nice day and lots of friendly people. Wow there are some good MTB riders out there! I myself baby the downhill after a rain as the ground is filled with ruts. One dude passed me like I was standing still. Right before the section where I crashed about 5 years ago. Flipped at 30 mph destroying my helmet. I ain't doing that again. Some of these guys are good and they can have it ha ha! I was thinking maybe he is on Strava trying to take a segment. All I know is that I have never and will never be able to descend in the dirt like that!

But it was a nice ride today. Like I said lots of friendly people out and I must say "Summer is Near"!

10 miles with 1,775 feet of gain.

Hahahahaha! A poster in the bike forums looked at the ride profile (lower green image) and named this the "Dolly Parton" course!

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