Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Claremont Hills MTB

A little bit of MTB today at Claremont Hills. So much nicer in the afternoon avoiding the morning and midday crowd. I was actually able to ride without having to dodge walkers. The ground was pretty torn up by the rain, lots of ruts but it's all good. I did one loop at a good effort and boy am I getting old. OK, maybe not, more like fat. I did OK but my times are way of of what they were when I was 30 lbs lighter. I'm digging this Strava thing, motivating me to pick up the pace a bit while reminding me what a difference the weight makes.

I do have to thank a couple of forum members that remind me every time I am behind them on a segment, it's all friendly competition ha ha!

I tried but this riding in the dirt is tough!

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