Saturday, April 21, 2012

GMR/Peacock Saddle

OK, so like this blog thing is a new set up so I'm testing this thing out, hope it posts the same. ;-)

Today was a day I figured I might try the village. Not sure but as mentioned before, I'm just trying to get back into some kind of riding form. So Aimee volunteered to ride with me. Hmm, I think she's enjoys "chicking "me on the bike. We meet at the dirt lot at 8 am, not too hot, warm but a nice day. As we are suiting up GMR and hubby Mr. Bill ride by. They're hitting the village too. I figure I "might " catch them on the way, boy was I wrong.  I did see Mr. Bill at the Newman's Point talking with Matt but by the time I reached the shack, GMR was long gone.

Just as we were starting our ride, Matt rolled up so we rode together for a while. He was nice and hung back with me while that darn Aimee just rode away.....AGAIN!    Aimee is a good climber so I figured she might catch GMR. Well I;m not sure what GMR had for breakfast but she was gone and Aimee never caught her either. Man, I got 'chicked" twice today ha ha!

Matt rode with me for a while so we had a chance to talk. Guy is cool and always has something nice to say.                                                                        Nice to know that other people think the same way when it comes to riding. He's been up there for 15 years so it was nice to hear his GMR input. Then we go into the "every ride is not a race" subject. I'm cool with that, always a good topic . But then he dropped me ha ha! Just all fun IMO.

So Aimee waits at the shack for me, I'm guessing about 15 minutes.. Yeah, she took  it easy just in case we head to the village. I ask if she's OK to hit the village, she says she's fine but will turn around whenever I decide. OK, it's warm, my legs are toasty so Peacock Saddle sounds fine to me for now. She agrees so we head off. At the saddle we watch a few riders go by, FLYING BY! I'm not sure what got into the GMR riders but these day, seems every single one of them is a monster climber, they are whizzing by!

Speaking of "whizzers", JMX rides up and stops for a chat. So we do the bike chat for a bit checking out his new ride, sweet machine! I tell Aimee about his monster rides and such then we head back down the mountain. I think JMX was going easy today, only 7 or 8 thousand feet of climbing ha ha ha!

So now we are ready to head back but my Garmin battery gives me the low signal! Stupid thing, says 98-99 % every time I see it so I run it without charging it just to test the reading. I started at 63% and the thing dies after 16 climbing miles. OK, I got it figured out now, like a gas tank. Full takes for ever but once you hit half mark,  the juice pretty much evaporates ha ha!

 I have to add, when Amiee and I were stopped to rest on a wall, several riders rolled by asking if we were ok. She said everybody was so nice up here. Yes they are so I asked her if she noticed a difference in rider attitude on GMR vs other places. She said, "oh yeah." 

2 lesson learned today.  1) Charge Garmin before GMR rides. Lesson 2) Even when Aimee says she's feeling a little slower while feeling the heat,, she's still going to kick my arse on the climb ha ha!

Pics- Aimee dropping me hard! Matt in the LiveStrong jersey having mercy on me. JMX with the red trim and sweet Specialized.

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