Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another solo ride with my tender hammy. Not so bad, I didn't push too hard but saved it for a few segments on Strava. Not bad, I set 4 segment PR's this weekend. Not too many riders out. I did see Gem and George fly by along with a few other River Velo Boyz. Tony at the coast but other than that, I didn't see many riders. So Tony pretty much got a solo video with the exception of a couple fly by's.

This Strava thing is pretty cool! I pushed myself on a segment today, bridge to bridge 7.4 miles. Averaged 21.7 mph and placed #211 out of 884 posted times. Not bad, about 25%. If I can get rid of this extra 35 lbs, it'll be even that much better. Well, my posted Strava times look much better on SART than they do on GMR ha ha ha ha!

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  1. Strava is pretty cool as long as you have the battery for it. I use an Iphone and had to get a battery extender for any ride over 3 hours. Then one of our week day group keepes putting segments in where we normally just cruise.