Sunday, April 15, 2012

SART 04/15/12

Well Gina was in no spirit to ride but she urged me to go ahead and ride without her. So I sent Aimee a message and asked if she would like to ride even though Gina would not be there. Yeah, I know Aimee is an animal on the bike and anything I can dish out she'll be right there smiling, and she was. Matter of fact, after a long 21.5 mile pull to the coast I let her take the lead, mistake. She picked it up and dropped me. She thought a third rider that had latched on was The Beanz. Oh well, I just cruised in the last 1/2 in alone. I tried to hop on a wheel but my legs said,"not right now right now" Ha ha!

At the coast the third rider from Cycling Connection introduces himself as Leonard. Cool dude, friendly guy! We rest a bit then head back to Yorba. Different start area since Gina was not with us today. I take the pull back to Edna then invite Aimee to the front. Mistake! She's doing well and makes it look so easy. Every time we hit an underpass incline she stands then accelerates. Darn it Aimee, would you sit down please! Ha ha! She makes it looks so easy, I hate that! But it's motivating ha ha! Good thing she did some running yesterday or she probably could have easily dropped my old fat arse!

Leonard dropped off at The Honda Center while we continued on down the road. Riding with Gina we usually stop more often, but today we rode straight through both ways. I'm not used to that anymore and I could swear I heard myself whimper a couple of times.

Oh by the way, sorry to the forum member I almost ran into on the wooden bridge. I'm pretty sure it was "Siran". I was looking back talking to Aimee as we approached the bridge. I swear I didn't see you till I heard someone shout "Beanz!". Hm, every time I make a stupid mistake on the bike, it involves a forum member ha ha! I need to watch myself! Sorry Dude!

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