Saturday, April 7, 2012

GMR 4/7/12 Alone

Well Gina had stuff to do today so I thought I'd do GMR. Nice day but I didn't see one rider heading up. That's a good thing cause that means I didn't get passed. But looking at my Garmin info, I see that I am getting older fatter and slower ha ha! No biggie cause Fast Man Jason didn't pass me today. He has this thing of passing me/us right before the final downhill to the shack. Today, no pass but he was right behind me when I got to the shack. Only thing I can think of is that maybe he had to fix a flat on the way up ha ha!

Well anytime Jason passes me, I don't feel bad. No need! He is #6 on the "gate to the shack" leader board on Strava! ;-)

I got in 19 miles and 2654 ft of climbing and only stopping long enough to snap a shot and say hi!

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