Saturday, April 28, 2012

Welp, I pulled my hammy on Wednesday night so today (Sat) I'm hoping I can ride the bike. Started out a little tender but felt OK. I tried a good push on a section of the trail but the leg was not happy. On the way to the coast I gave a good fort up a couple of the little inclines but the leg felt like a stretched rubber band. I was worried but after the ride, the sucker actual felt pretty good. I managed a 38 miler with some easy sections thrown in.

I did roll down to the pier to see what was happening. Some bongo dudes with some flipping tricks were pretty cool. But I left quickly wanting to avoid the crowd on the return so I rolled back to the usual rest spot. Then came a gang of friends. Cool, some good chat and a few ride partners for the return. Alex2, Tammy& Allen, sister Gloria, Mark and Pete. Nice tailwind so the return was a blast!

Some dude rolled up to the rest stop on pink trimmed bike that was pretty cool. A Shogun Ninja bicycle. I've never heard of the brand but it was a pretty cool looking bike, nothing cheap, nice components too. Dude was Thomas, kind of a camera shy type dude ha ha!

Video works now. ;-)

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