Saturday, November 11, 2017

SART Homeless Update (Image Deserves its Own Post)

Sadly I was hoping that some of the mess would be cleaned up today after reading articles on the net. Thought it does look a bit more deserted, there were still plenty of tents.

I did read in an article that the Fountain Valley people said they would just pick up their stuff and move to Anaheim. Sure hope that doesn't happen but I did hear they had plans to clean up Anaheim as well, keeping my fingers crossed!

On today's ride, I did see a ton of cops in Fountain Valley far side. With trucks cleaning up the junk.

But on today's ride, this was the scene at Chapman when Ron and Dixie and their tandem. Ron sent the image so I replied, this is a must for my blog ha ha! I'm sure he is happy to share it with all of you ha ha!

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