Thursday, January 10, 2019

Cheesy Little Tandem Ride

Cool evening, only 53 degrees but nice little cruiser ride around the hood. 11.7 miles at 15.0 average speed. 10 laps around the hood staying on the loop. Gina said it was cold, I didn't think so really. But at one point I could see we were riding through a mist. Well several times as the east section of the loop had little clouds of fog, just itty bitty little ones, like 10 X 10. just small enough to look cool.

The bad part about riding the loop is you can really tell who the dog owners are. Ride by a house on the west section and Mmmm smell carne asada or something really good. Roll over another 10 strokes of the pedals and stuns you cause you're still trying to take in the aroma of good home cooking when you run into a house with a dog. Oh how quickly that aroma going in nice and easy, and fast turns to dog crap! Oh my gosh, what a feeling. Makes you want to puke. So terrible that the next time you go around, you take in as much as you can of the good food, then cut it off real quick and hold your breath before you hit the dog crap! Oh what a feeling! :-P

But anyway, we got it done. I told Gina, see it's not that bad. It was a little cool but aren't you happy you got it done?

Nope! :-/

OK anyway, I'm glad we got out there and got in a little ride even if it was a little cruise around the hood.

I didn't think it was that cold but the sprinklers had gone on so the grass was looking a little frosty.

My Chinese wife Gina. You'd be surprised at how many people over the years have asked me if she was Asian. :-P


  1. Don't people in the USA pick up their dog's crap then....?

  2. Most, many of them do! This is a cool little loop around the hood with a nice bike lane, nice sidewalk and dog poop bags placed in a couple of places at a dog poop station, whatever they call it. But there are always those that let their back yard dogs fill their yards with poop. You can tell which houses as you roll by. Other than that, there are most dog walkers we see pick up their mess but every so often, we do see a few who pretend not to notice, look around before they bolt for it. At times even on our popular bike trail, you might see a pile right in the middle of the trail. Most I see are responsible but there are always a few that aren't. :-(

    1. In short, there are some houses that have dogs in their backyards who don't pick up their dog shit! :-P