Wednesday, September 1, 2010

GMR 09/01/10

A hot day on GMR with ABEC and Hillbasher. Also ran into FryDaddy on the mountain, dude is an animal time trialing up GMR. He rode part way back up with us and still it was tough to keep up with the guy in his cruise mode. I'm not sure if he rode with us cause he likes us or for added mileage needed to keep his Big Dawg status on bikejournal haha!

Of course it was ABEC's first time on GMR. His first time with only 5 or 6 weeks of riding and the dude was smokin'! I say another couple of weeks and he'll be way too fast for me to ride with. Darn young guys!

FryDaddy(white) ABEC(black)and of course Hillbasher and I

Last 3 pics are from Hillbasher's camera.

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