Saturday, September 4, 2010

Herb on SART 9/4/10

Herb was in the area so he decided to accompany us on a SART ride. Nice day, hot inland but foggy and cool at the coast. Wow, didn't feel like coming home today. Herb's been working out! He was riding strong today and making it look much easier that his rides a couple years back. I don't think it's the bike haha! Gina did very well too, that one GMR ride is paying off and I think she wants more hehe!

Also ran into Eric Anderson for a few words at the coast and couple of fly-by's on the trail. Met up with Jackie too. Wow, she was riding strong when we caught her on the trail. Got lots of guts getting out there to fight the wind alone. Well, nice rid eand it's always a pleasure to meet up with the everpleasant Herb (or is that 'Erb ? haha!)

Few shots of Herb, Jackie, and Eric Anderson.

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