Tuesday, September 21, 2010

GMR 9/21/10

Another GMR ride with Hillbasher. Ran into Richard (Harley Dude) on the way up. I guess he's already a well known character via Annette's GMR blog. He told us a story of being recognized after having his pic posted. Annette is making stars out of them people up there haha!

Hillbasher is a little nutty, rode GMR yesterday evening, worked the night shift then rode back up GMR on no sleep. Crazy, I know I wouldn't do it! We did a nice ez ride up then had some fun with the cameras and video.


  1. Mr. Beanz

    One does not forget Richard! What an interesting star of Glendora Mountain Road. I met him on Thanksgiving Day 2009 as he pointed out Crystal Lake, the mountain peaks and other points of interest. Although I think we crossed paths prior to this when the forest was closed due to the fire. His stories could fill a book shelf. The photo of Richard and his Harley is simply outstanding!

    Enjoyed the video clip! Abbra Cadbra!

    -- GMR

  2. And yes I heard Hillbasher's plan of ride Monday afternoon. Work. Then ride Tuesday morning. Crazy loco? or Crazy smart?

    What rock hard calves! Ride on!

  3. Haha! Yes, Richard had some stories to tell. Very cyclist friendly guy though, I give him a thumbs up! Hillbasher, Plum LOCO!