Monday, September 6, 2010

GMR & Gina 9/6/10

Another fine day on GMR with Gina. Nice day, started cool and a bit foggy then SUN! Ran into TomBunn at the start for a pic and a few words. Gina was pretty happy that we ran into Annette and her Tri-Bud Steve, she's always up for a break while climbing GMR. Caught a glimpse of those Leaky Ftn Boyz...on GMR???

Kicked back at the shack then headed down only to run into LA RiverRat pushing his big 42 ring up GMR. First time meeting LA RiverRat, cool guy on a nice long ride. I wondered about the big gear but after following him back up the mtn for a short bit to get a clip, I noticed the yolked calves. OK, now I see how he pushes the biggie up the mountain! Gina descended much better this time, second time and she's getting better already! Heck, I thought the ride was over but at the bottom, she suggested we ride towards Big Dalton just to see what was there. My first time so I took a couple pics, nice little picnic area out there.

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