Sunday, September 19, 2010

SART 9/19/10

SART ride with Gina and Abec. Did run into another member on the road along the way but his name will not be given in order to protect the innocent haha! Had some laughs with Bad RobBob (I'm confused and don't know exactly what to call him anymore) and The Legend Greg both, of The Haircut Crew. I was surprised with visit from forum member Kaneko. Nice guy and MAN, what a grip. He nearly snapped two of my fingers with a handshake. I held back the tears cause we were in public haha!

Tammy and Alan also showed up, had a good time with the crowd as always. It was pretty nice to meet a couple new people this week. And the line on the return was fun too, always is with a group of good riders!

Another good note is that other riders seem to be taking an interrest in GMR after watching Gina suffer in previous videos. I can say that today Gina was very happy with her ride. Yes, she suffers on the GMR rides but today she dropped the hammer on the trail while noticing a big difference in her performance after some good ol' GMR training haha!

We did meet one guy that was super happy and super proud of his Lemond hahaha! He got the first scene in the video!

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