Thursday, September 23, 2010

GMR 9/23/10

Solo ride on GMR, and a very little section of GRR for some pics. Figured I'd see how old and slow I am getting so I pushed on the way up. Not bad, 1:02 to the shack. Might have been able to cut a few seconds if I had not used the recorder on the way up. Hmmm, :56 is my PR but that was 20 lbs ago so being the first time pushing myself in a long time, I'm not sad about it. Just trying to get back into shape anyways haha!

I did see FryDaddy and RidinDirty on the way up. They said they were heading back up for a repeat but I never saw them. I did a couple miles on GRR to waste time and take pics which would give them time to head back up. After GRR, I hung at the shack for another 30 minutes but they never showed. Oh well, I have a way of entertaining myself anyway! But I did see this very mean looking spider, mean looking sucker!

First pic is from GRR looking at the climb back up to the shack from the fork, wow. Second pic is looking down on Lil GMR from GRR, there's a motorcycle dude in the upper switchback. Third one is the meanlookingspider haha!

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