Sunday, September 12, 2010

GMR (Gina & ABEC)

Another GMR with Gina and ABEC Schleck (haha). Rather nice, a little dry but not as hot as expected IMO. Wasn't to Gina's liking today but she did well just to make it up like the rest of us! ABEC and I headed out a little further on GRR so that he could see what was in store for future rides. Gina took a break at the shack then headed out to meet us on GRR. She didn't get real far before we ran into each other so we all headed back together. Did meet a couple more motorcycle dudes. Ted with his thumbs up, or is that thumb ups? Hahaha! Either way, we did some chattin' about motorycle vs cylists BS. Looks like we're cool so I know atleast he won't run "me" over! Pays to have friends in high places, like GMR haha!

So who is ButtDutchBoy? I know Gina has a hard time getting the correct words out when she's tired. She mentioned that while ABEC and I were on GRR she ran into ButtDutchBoy at the shack! I guess he stopped for a minute or two before heading off to a game! I gotta meet this ButtDutchBoy haha!

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