Saturday, September 18, 2010

GMR Gina 9/18/10

Well, another ride to the shack with Gina. She suffered pretty good today and keeps asking when it's going to get better. Like all good things, it takes time. She says 8 times better be the charm haha! Been 4 weeks but I think it's coming. One day she'll wake up and fly to the shack no sweat. Strange though, she usually complains about the heat but today she didn't. I myself thought it was hot. I like the pic of her sorry little face at the shack asking,"when's it gonna get better?" haha! My best answer is "making it to the shack is a good thingfor any rider!".

We did run into Annette once again, and her buddy Matt who is usually in her ride reports as they both frequent GMR. Nice guy and full of praise for my simple little blog compared to Annette's. Thanks Matt!

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