Thursday, September 30, 2010

GMR 9/30/10

Strange weather on GMR today. Hot on the way up, then it's windy, then it cools off with a cloud cover, then cloudy and dark, then hot again, then it's humid, you get the idea. Just happy it didn't rain!

Hillbasher and I getting ready to head up as a 3 RiverVelo Boyz reach the bottom. Pinoybenter, ChromeSE5 and buddy Gil. Crazy dudes are riding singlespeeds! A litte chat and some posing then we head up where we run into FryDaddy again. The dude lives in the mountains! He had done a couple climbs to the halfway point (4 miles), then one to the shack, then turned around and headed back up with us again to the halfway point, crazy!

Took a few pics but as he turned to head down, Ooops, flat tire. He walked to a flat shady spot to do the repair. I offered my pump but he was well prepared so we headed up. As he's walking back I made a comment on video, "I sent FryDaddy walking home cause he was scared to race me up GMR". Believe me, that was a joke and he knows it, the dude cuts my time in half on the climb. It just fit the scene haha!

Hillbasher and I head to the shack for a little leisurely ride. We meet a hunter Troy who tells us a few hunter stories. Cool, I'll listen, just don't shoot me in the ribs with that bow haha! Bow hunting stories are actually quite interesting, and the cost? Sheesh, I could have a full carbon roadie for the price of them suckers! Then along comes Josh to the shack on the way to the village. A few words then he rolls off into the mountains.

In the pic with Hillbasher, I actually photochopped FryDaddy's head from one picture to the other. I like the pose but I caught him in midbite on a Powerbar haha! So no, his face is not paralyzed. It does change from pic to pic, I chopped it so it may look like he has only one expression haha!


  1. Once again, a gret video, and even better ride. Except for the heat and the fact I was dead tired from work, I had my usual enjoyable time. The weather made it interesting, and the mix of people we met was something else.

  2. Yes sir! Some intersting stories up in them mountains!;) I enjoyed the various sky views, blue to grey, to black to white to blue and so on, and so on.......

  3. GMR always looks better through Mr. Beanz's viewfinder. The hills sharp with color, folks sleeker and fitter, the clouds more ominous and threatening. I come away with a feel good attitude watching people exercise, laughing and downright enjoying themselves.

  4. Hey GMR, that's cause everybody looks sleek and fit compared to me haha! Thanks for the comments!;)