Saturday, October 2, 2010

GMR to the Village 10/2/10

Saturday...42 mile son GMR to the village. ABEC's first trip to the village. Alex2 also joined with us a couple miles up the road. Man, I sure had my hands full trying to keep up with these two guys on the way to the village. ABEC on his way to "animal" status. Alex is already there. We rode to the village, returned to the shack then Alex headed back to the village one more time, geeze! Even the return trip was a workout trying to keep up on the short climbs. We did get a few raindrops here and there but no lightening strikes.I have plans to ride GMR again with Gina in the morning. I'm thinking she's going to spank me on the ride!

I did run into Matt who was in a hurry. I snapped a pic but it was a no show.:( But nice to see you up there Matt.

Alex2 and Abec: Caught a pic of ABEC at an intersection, true cyling fan, car rack and Lance band. Also a pic of his new "first time to the village" celebration shoes!


  1. I missed you this time. I rode up with Annette,, and met Matt on the way up. MAybe next weekend I will make the trek to Mt. Baldy.

  2. Bummer! I'm sure we'll meet up soon! I've watched some of your vids. ;)