Monday, October 25, 2010

SUNDAY 10/24/10

Sunday 10/24/10 on the trail. Met up with Lorraine, lady did some ultra distance runs in Crocs (those funky rubber shoes). Nice strong rider and very nice lady. Turns out she new Bad Rob from the Haircut Crew back in their racing days. El Monarcha and Gina started the ride with me but like usual, ran into a few others along the way. Saw EvilEuro, thinking he might ride with us a bit for some video footage since he chose the song for this one! BadRob, Greg and BoyLd at the coast. Plus had a little chat with Herb and Alice. We met long ago but and see them all the time on the trail but the recorder said, "interview" haha!

On the way back we were joined by a hot inline skater chick. We met her a couple weeks ago on the way to the coast. Today she rode back with us. Right before her stop (Moon Park), she was hammering. I don't know the skate term for hammering but whatever it is, she was doing it. 24 mph!


  1. Thanks for dragging me to the beach on Sunday! It sure was nice meeting you when we got there!! I love your blog with all the great pics and videos. A perfect way to show off all the wonderful places we ride and cool people we meet out there. Hope to ride with you again soon!!


  2. FInd the online skater sensational, presumably you couldn't catch her to interview her. Makes you wonder why we ride bikes! Jolmartyn, cold and wet NW UK

  3. I agree Jol, she was faster than the male skaters we've encountered, but the reason I didn't interview her was because she was the quiet type and I wasn't sure how she would respond since she sat away from us when we were at the coast. I didn't know for sure that she had planned to ride back with us or I would have interviewed her.;)