Monday, October 4, 2010

Gina GMR + 6 More on GRR 10/3/10

Good ride today! LOTS of riders today! Old forum friend Jason went flying by. At one point I stopped to take a picture as another rider rolling down shouted out "Beanz". Too fast for a good look but I don't think we've met, not sure.

Gina did very well today. I could tell by the way she was rolling up most of the ride compared to her grinding up GMR in past weeks. Our planned turnaround was the shack as usual but I could tell she was feeling much better today so after mentioning it, she decide to go a bit further. Good for her, and who am I to deny her of the joys of climbing? We hit the next planned turnaround but again, she was ready for more, let's go! Finally about 1/2 mile short of the turnout lined with the rock wall, she decided to turnaround. If I had known we were that close to the wall, we'd have gone to that point. I didn't realize we were that close, 2 miles after the rock wall turnout, the sufferfest ends and you're pretty much on easy street to the village. After the ride, Gina and I went to eat then decided to go back for a drive up and across GMR/GRR to the village. She realized how close she was to the village and said, " I could have made it!". Won't be long now.

I had told her to give GMR a chance. Give it a few weeks and it will get better. She was doubtful after 3 weeks so I told her that if it doesn't get better after 8 weeks, we'll discontinue. After this ride, she said it was much better. Good job Gina, you just bought yourself another 8 weeks on GMR bwahahahahaha!


  1. Hmmmm, I think I wanna ride GMR to Mt Baldy this coming Saturday. I will most likely be a GMR/Sierra Madre by 7:00 am. I'm nursing a cold but hope to be 100% by Saturday! I wanna go to Mt. Baldy bad!

  2. Bummer, we have yet "ANOTHER" birthday party this weekend, early afternoon on Saturday. We'll only be doing the shack.:(...Baldy is a nice ride. Gina is real close to getting to the village now, darn BDAY parties! This could have been the weekend for it!

  3. Yeah, I need to be home by 10:30 am.