Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chance Meeting with Member "Cachequatch"

Gina and I were at a local shop just browsing. But as I walked by the service dept, one dude looked at me and said,"you aren't going to make any videos are you?". I was stunned for a second cause the face didn't look familiar. He introduced himself and although I have read several of his posts, I had a registering the name. Heck, I never really was sure how to pronounce it anyways haha! And prolly still can't hehehe!

Spoke for a while and it sure was nice to find out the he's just as nice a guy as his postings in the forums. I had seen him post in the clyde forum in the past but wasn't really sure why after seeing him in person, the dude looks very fit! I figured he'd lost some weight , come to find out, he's dropped 100 lbs since the start of his cycling days! If I remember correctly, 6'3 and 200 lbs. But the dude looks 160!

Darn good job and darn nice guy!

Oh, and to the ladies that had to wait a little bit longer for their bikes (if you read this), again, sorry, I didn't realize you were waiting for your bikes while I held the guy up!

Cellphone pic. One of those times you think about bringing the camera and recorder but don't!:(

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