Thursday, October 28, 2010

10/27 Wed to Dawson Saddle with Hillbasher

Finally Hillbasher dragged my butt up to Dawson Saddle. It was my first time past Crystal Lake. I must say, nice ride but it was COLD! Very windy in some section and very very cold in the shadows. "You guys are crazy!" was the comment we heard from some of the construction workers that were up there. Most dressed in hooded jackets. It was nice to see that there was help available if needed, even up in the mountains. We stopped to add layers when some of the workers drove by asking if we were ok or needed help. We were good but it was nice to know it's there! We started at the gate so our gain was a little over 4,200ft.

I did skip on the Camelback trusting Hillbasher's judgement of the spring water. I was worried but WOW that water is CLEAR! I drank it no problem. Matter of fact, it looked much better than the junk I drink at at home, at restaurants and on the trail. Not bad at all!

Man, it was COLD, did I say that already? Well once we got up to Islip Saddle, it was windy! Wow, what a nice road ACH is, not much traffic at all. A few workcrew trucks and 2 Harleys, that was about it. Heading across Angeles Crest Hwy, temps and wind settled down some. A couple of turns with some high winds really slowed our speed down, well more than what it already was haha! I started to think Uh-oh, this aint going to be good but it too settled down once we changed directions. Nice little visit at the top then down we go! At the higher elevation (Dawson Saddle 7901 top elevation), it was cold but on the return but it really warmed up to a comfortable temp on the lower section below Crystal Lake. If you go up there, better be prepared for the cold, it's much colder than GMR! On the descent, my ears got so cold that I could swear I was wearing big fashion earrings. Oh what a feeling!


  1. Nice job and nice video. You are the Steven Spielberg of cycling.

  2. Bwahahaha! You should have came long, I'm always looking to create another Rambo type superstar!;)

    OK, wait a minute! How can you use my pic for your profile? I should get royalties from that, hehehe!

  3. Beanz, spill it. Did you park in the lot at West Fork or did you drive up to the first closed gate at ColdBrook and start from that point? How many miles between Islip and Dawson?

    You guys look like Tour of California Most Aggressive Riders. Lot's of fun shown in the videos. No shivering on camera! Damn, why do I work? I saw how gorgeous Wed. looked. It was warm out in the afternoon down in the valley when I got a chance to break away from the desk. Should have known those wind swept clouds were the kiss of cold autumn breeze.

  4. Sorry GMR, I'm slippin'! I thought I had posted the start point. Not the gate at west fork, but the one above (ColdBrook? I dunno, I'm new to this ride, knocked off 3 miles of climbing) Climbed 18 miles up to Dawson which is only 5 miles beyond Islip (nice road!) Just realized I used a period in the video so it looks like we climbed a bit over 4 feet hahaha! My typing is terrible!