Monday, October 18, 2010

SUNDAY SART Tandem 10/17/10

Says Monday but actually Sunday, I posted late.....An ez tandem ride today. Haven't been on the tandem in quite a while so today, with a threat of rain, it sounded like a good idea haha! Got lucky, no rain while riding on the trail. Met up with a couple of Hernandez Dudes at Edna Park. Then Rob, a little bike chat then we were on our way. It was pretty empty today but after being at the coast for a while, ran into tammy and Alan (T&A). Then another dude I had met before (year?) but forgot his name, but he had a darn cool bike stand. Wouldn't mind having one but with the two cams, I don't think I'd have the room hehe! Leaving the coast, I asked Alan to get some footage of us on the tandem since I don't have much at all. Gina tried early in the ride but EEESH! Well you'll see, I popped it in at the end of the video hahahahaha!

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