Saturday, October 16, 2010

Me & ABEC on SART 10/16/10

A cool dark day on SART. Not many riders. Gina sat out due to a baby shower (grandkid #8 on the way). So ABEC and I went at it alone. Not much happening at all. We did see a few of the RiverVelo Boyz but none of the regulars at the beachstop. ABEC did talk me into riding along the beach looking for a place to eat. I don't get it, these skinny guys eat and eat but never get fat. I watch him eat but I gain the weight haha!

On the last strip to the coast we rolled by a guy pulling his girl on one of them Bobtail, Bobtrail(?) thingies. We were rolling pretty good at 19-20 into the headwind at this point. The dude jumped on and kept up the entire strip. All I heard was Daddy! Daddy! Slow Down Daddy! I got home looked at the video, haha, the dude was sticking his tongue out at the cam!

Yes, I know what he's thinking!

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