Wednesday, October 13, 2010

GMR to the Village with Hillbasher 10/13/10

Seems we were the only two up there on bikes haha. Well did see another dude, got his pic and caught him on video. Just a mellow ride to the village on a nice day. S'posed to be 97 but the weather was very nice other than the headwind that seemed to last the entire climb. Cruised back and farted around with the cameras for some pics. Not much happening but I made a video anyways, if anything just to listen to Dream On by Aerosmith.


  1. Mr. Beanz, I too, thought there was nobody on the road. I started about 9:30 am on Wednesday, definitely a late start. The sun sapped out any thoughts of going to the Village. I noticed the thermometer read a nice 80F in your photo at the Post Office. My temperature gage while not accurate read between 88-95 in the direct sunlight. I am amused! hehehe

  2. Yup, 9:30 is too late for the heat! Hillbasher keeps forcing me out of bed early (not literally, don't get any funny ideas hehe!) to ride GMR on hot days. We started at 7 am and I remember it being 9:30 at the village. It seemed to get cooler with the altitude gain imo. It was hot on the first 2 miles as usual but cooled off on GRR. It sure didn't seem like 80 at the village and I had on an underlayer the entire time. Although it was HOT when we returned to cicvilization (dirt lot), bigtime!