Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nice ride up GMR with Gina to the shack, the plan as we had yet ANOTHER birthday party to attend in the afternoon. Ended up running into the famous Glendora Mountain Road blogger (check out her blog, great site, link to the right hehe!). First the ride. Wow! Glendora Mountain Road played the "I'm slow" card at the beginning of the ride but a few miles later, holy Jeepers, she was tearing off my legs on the climb. I ran into her a couple years ago and now way was she this strong. Today she was puttin the hurt on me! Didn't help that later on Jeannie rolled by. I know she's a very fast climber and MTB racer. Now she came rolling by me while talking on the phone to her coach. OK, so I can handle that but then they two gals start talking while Glendora Mtn Rd picks up the pace even more. Holy Smokes, I'm slowly falling off the back. That's the point I had to really stomp the pedals and hope that I can catch back up! She was nice, she let me! The woman is strong! It's actually funny when an itty bitty little gal about one third my size is dropping me like a bad habit haha!

At the shack, a rider rolls up and says that the Leaky Ftn boyz are on their way up. Uh oh, this guy must know me. Turns out to be LateBraking from bikejournaldotcom, #17in the socal club standings. We chat for a bit then he jams. I did see Broken Rider on the way up as we headed down but I was looking for more LF Boyz for a stop and maybe a pic, but I didn't see any others! Another rider at the shack on an MTB, living proof that GMR isn't all that hard and should be experienced by those that have this image of the ride being too tough to enjoy. ;)

Then the good part! Pretty sure Glendora Mtn Rd was getting tired of my plastic baggie I use to carry my camera. I use it to protect the camera from sweat contamination. Well she actually pulled out her very own camera protector and gave it to me. Cool deal, nice but I do feel kind of bad taking it. She says she can get another and she was really sick of my baggie hehehe. Well if she ever wanted it back, I'd be more than willing to return it. If not, that was very sweet of her to give it up.

So we chatted some about blogs then she pulled out her card. The two gals posed with her card. I had thought about that but I didn't realize others were actually doing it! We're digging the card when Bill pulls out a coin then hands it to me. Wow, this dude actually has his calling card on a coin, SWEET! OK, camera protector, coin, cool people and sweet gifts! I'm hoping for a new cycling shoe in a size 11 by Christmas haha! That's a joke but if someone wants to hand me a new carbon Colnago....

Glendora Mtn Rd - girlie in yellow
Bill - white/black jersey with red helmet
LateBraking - white jersey and Camelback


  1. Great story, I can't believe Bill has a coin card, that's awesome. I started with Annette, but I was pressed for time and headed to Mt. Baldy with Mike. I was nice up at the village, not a cloud in sight. We'll have to hook up later for a ride!

  2. I saw you go by as we were unloading the bikes. The bright green jacket looked familiar from a pic in the blog but I wasn't sure if it was you since you were alone. I've been embarrassed too many times after shouting, "HOMEY DON'TCHA KNOW ME?" hahaha!